Thursday, 14 December 2017

This News has been published in the newsletter "La Martucha" and on the website of the Association "El Güeira": V DAY ON KNOWLEDGE OF THE NATURAL ENVIRONMENT AND RENEWABLE ENERGIES (HYDROGEN)

On September 9, the V Conference on Knowledge of the Natural Environment and Renewable Energies (Hydrogen), organized by the Cultural Association «El Güeira», was held in the Vistabella municipal pavilion.

After the presentation of the speakers by Joaquín Berné, Dolores Corvinos, project director of "Innotecno Development, SL" and coordinator of the project called Ecoelectricity Life15 , funded by the European Union and pioneer in using a renewable source, such as the alcohol obtained in its processes to generate energy, highlighting the general objective of the project that is to design and build a pilot plant based on catalytic reforming technologies that allow the use of impure alcohol fractions (purges) from alcohol industries (distilleries and bioethanol production) that due to their composition have a low commercial value.

Alberto Arellano Aliaga, Industrial Engineer and Director of Distilleries "San Valero" of Cariñena, after a review of the activities and development of this company that brings together several wine cooperatives, spoke about: "Hydrogen as a source of renewable energy" , congratulating itself on the choice of its company, together with four important Research Centers of the Valencian Community, for a research and development initiative of a technique to take advantage of the hydrogen that the distillation processes produce in the factory, and obtain electrical energy. For which, the lecturer continued, a demonstration pilot plant will be built that includes a high-temperature fuel cell, catalysts and technology that allows the production of electricity and heat.

Alberto Arellano ended his speech indicating, as a summary, that what is intended is to show an alternative technology from alcoholic waste for the production of electric power and heat that is more efficient and generates less pollutants.

In the colloquium on renewable energies in the current context , Dolores Corvino, explained with data and scientific arguments, that we are in a moment of very important changes in the use of energy, since fossil fuels ( oil, coal, gas) produce a negative effect on the environment propitiating climate change with its worsening consequences (acid rain, greenhouse effect with the consequent increase in ozone). Faced with this situation, hydrogen is the fuel of the future and an alternative as renewable energy, (along with solar, wind and biomass) because it is a very abundant element in nature; that does not produce CO2 emissions, has a high energy density, low activation energy, is extremely volatile, non-toxic, and very safe in open spaces.

The performance of the electric motor (80 º/º) and moved by fuel cell (90 º/º). The tests on cars moved by this type of hydrogen batteries are very advanced and without a doubt, the project Ecoelectricity Life15 , is an example of this bet of the EU, taking advantage of the production of alcoholic waste.