Thursday, 19 December 2019

Presentation of the ECOELECTRICITY project at the conference “Towards a circular economy: R que erre”

The “R que erre” Day was held on November 21, 2019 at CaixaForum Zaragoza.

Lola Corvinos, Project Manager of Innotecno Development and Alberto Arellano Director of San Valero Distilleries, made the presentation of the project LIFE ECOLECTRICITY LIFE15 CCM / ES / 000080 at the conference "Towards a circular economy: R erre", which was organized by the Group Aragonese of the Club of Rome, the Cémex Chair of Sustainability of the University of Zaragoza and the Circe Mixed Research University Institute, in Collaboration with Obra Social la Caixa.

This day, aimed at presenting successful cases of the circular economy, was attended by important companies and foundations, allowing visibility to the barriers and challenges faced by this type of companies.